Automotive Tint & Films


automotive window tint category header with photo of orange car with tinted windowsApex Window Films offers a complete range of do-it-yourself automotive window tints as well as protective films in a variety of lengths and widths for your DIY project.  Tools required for installing window films to cars are similar to those required for architectural film, however, you will also need a heat gun which can be purchased at your local hardware store or rented quite economically.  For DIY auto tinting tips and videos, please click here. 

Please note that in this area of our website we feature our automotive window tinting product.  Auto tint is only intended for motor vehicles (cars & trucks) and should NEVER be applied to the exterior windows of buildings as their different composition will not tolerate the thermal stress placed on them by automotive window films.  Visit our architectural window film area if you plan to install solar film on a building.  Please scroll down to view our complete selection of Automotive Films, including tints, headlight protection and paint protection film or select a sub-category from the chart below:

NB: Before Ordering Auto Tint Please Check Local Laws, click here for more information