Safety & Security


safety-security-category.jpgApex Safety and Security Window Films, also commonly referred to as anti-shatter or shatterproof films, or security laminates.  These films are installed to retain glass to help prevent injuries as well as to provide a security barrier to break-and-enter thieves.  This line of films also includes our anti-graffiti film for vandalism protection.  To view our complete line of safety and security window films, please scroll down or choose from one of the sub-categories below.

For DIY customers installing safety or security window film for the first time, please note that this film is thicker than most other types of films.  While you can do-it-yourself it will require more force and repitition when installing to push out bubbles than other types of films and tints.  We recommend using the Pro Blue Chisel Tip Squeegee for optimal results, please click here for more information on installing safety and security.

CLICK HERE to view DIY Videos on How To Install Security Window Films.

NB: Security and safety window films perform best on annealed glass and are not recommended for tempered glass without the use of an anchoring system.  Click Here for more on Identifying Tempered and Annealed Glass.