Decorative & Privacy

Apex Window Films prides itself on offering an extensive selection of decorative and privacy window films in a wide array of frosts, patterns, textures and colors.  With so many decorative films to choose from, you are sure to find just the right film for your DIY project.  Our products range from inexpensive light-duty films to premium quality products.  Our specialty films include fusions of 2 decorative films for unique patterns, custom faux wrought iron inserts and static cling decals that look like pictures have been etched in your window glass.  Some films can be used on other flat surfaces besides glass, for these films please choose the "Multi-Surface Films" category. 

Many of our DIY Customers are interested in creating One-Way or Two-Way mirror effects, otherwise known as 'Observation Glass'.  This effect is achieved through the use of reflective solar films, please click here to view our one-way / two-way mirror film selection.

Please scroll down to see our full selection of Decorative and Privacy Window Films, or select a sub-category from navigation.  Please note:  Most films are available in custom cut lengths, but we are now offering a collection of popular films in standard pre-cuts sizes - if you are interested in standard pre-cuts only, please select the first link below "Standard Size Pre-Cuts"

Apex Pulp Paper - Standard Pre-Cut Sizes


Pre-Cut Sizes Available:  24" x 36", 24" x 48", 24" x 72" and 11.5" x 84" Attractive matte frost privacy film with pattern of fibrous strands.  This film offers very good light flow and privacy characteristics. Neutral film appropriate for...

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Apex Stained Glass - Floral - Window Film


Available Widths: 48" Achieve the look of stained glass with this pretty floral pattern.  Bouquets of delicate red flowers are encircled in wreath-like vines of green leaves accentuated with smaller yellow and blue flowers.  A delicate diamond...

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Bamboo Frost - CLEARANCE


Available Width 36" and 48" Price Reduced to Clear ONLY $1 sq/ft! Bamboo motif in frost, an excellent privacy film allowing a great deal of light to pass through.  PLEASE NOTE:  This film shrinks somewhat over time, particularly on...

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