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Commercial & Residential Flat Glass & Surface Film Installation Since 2005

  • Meticulous, Experienced & Insured
  • Extensive Selection of Quality Films: Solar Control, Privacy, Decorative, Security & Custom Graphics
  • State of the Art Cutting & Printing Technology
  • Exceeding Your Expectations: Our Number #1 Source of Business is Referrals

Insured for your peace of mind

Our experienced, insured team installs window films for virtually every commercial and residential flat glass (architectural) application as well as graphics and murals for walls.

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Semi-Privacy with frosted film including  custom graphic lettering
Full-Colour Custom Ceiling Graphic


“The frosting is nothing short of perfect. Your crew was nice, quick and professional. When they left the area was as clean as it was when they came in. Truly was a great experience working with Apex from beginning to end. I’ve submitted your contact information to the building manager since we had such a great experience with you. Hopefully it turns onto more work for you guys. Thanks for a great experience.”

Steve Commercial Client, Toronto

“The installation process was organized and efficient. Their employees were all pleasant, informative and unobtrusive. We were dreading the work… but in the end they did not really disrupt us too much and they were so neat and orderly that it was probably the most pleasurable “install” we have ever been through. Thanks you again…”

I.T., North York, Ontario

“We are so satisfied with the window film that was applied to the wraparound windows of our apartment. The workmen were so quiet and professional with a very low level of disruption to our household. Jan was completely honest in what we could expect in terms of what the film would accomplish. The results were exactly as she described. Our building manager was so impressed that he requested Apex’s phone number to recommend it to new tenants. He also passed on the number to other tenants in our building who were having severe sun-heat problems even with air conditioning. So thank you Jan – it was a pleasure to meet you and we are so glad that we listened to you.”

B.N.Certified Interior Designer, Toronto