Apex Window Films offers window film samples free of charge to anyone in Canada or Continental USA.   The purpose of the samples is to ensure potential buyers that their window film purchase is exactly as expected.   We are not able to offer a refund or exchange on any cut roll orders except on the rare occasion where a product is found to be defective.  In this instance the buyer needs to contact us directly at for further instructions. 

Window film, like fabrics, chain, rope, carpet, etc. comes on a roll.  Once the material is cut from the roll its retail value is greatly diminished.  Re-stocking of the film is nearly impossible as we cannot add it back onto the roll and storage of small pieces of film for future similar sales is impractical for a variety of reasons.   In addition, the cost of returning the film is often very high and combined with the initial cost of packing and shipping the order can often exceed the value of the original purchase.  We ask that you consider your purchase carefully and get a sample  in advance of your purchase.